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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  December 21, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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got by the summit for once, ike. no trouble for road agents today. i hope you're right. -sure, i'm right. whoa. whoa up. whoa. -hold on, charlie. annie. -drop your gun. behave yourselves, and nobody will get hurt. -alright, you two. climb down and make it lively. come on, dude. hurry it up. you sure flashed those jewelry samples to the wrong party. i know them voices. it's the same pair that stopped us last week. shut up, you. play it smart, boys, and don't let them hands stray. plenty of baggage today, huh? carrying a nice, heavy strongbox too maybe. you're not making off with the whole outfit again. we're sure fixing too, mister. you'd better tell that boss of yours that the only way he can hang onto this outfit is to keep it off the road. -it's an outrage. we're miles from nowhere. my passenger will suffer. -your passenger can sit down and wait for the northbound. it ought to be alone in a couple of hours. all set?
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all set. you thievin' coyotes. you can't get away with this. we'll catch up with you someday. you wait and see. ♪ ♪ these fellows had enough to drink. we'd better push on if we want to reach gunsight by nightfall. -mm, scout, him ready to travel too. it's been a long time since we've been out this way, tonto. this is rich country. destined for big development, once law and order are restored. stage coach robberies must be reason sheriff send for help. -it couldn't be anything else. that's all we've heard since we crossed the county line. -eagle pass straight ahead, kemosabe. gunsight about two hours ride now. remember the road divides about six miles east of town. we'll take the left fork that cuts past the sheriff's office. let's go. ♪
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these outrages have got to stop, sheriff. and if you can't do it, i say let's appeal to the military at fort hughes. -but i-- -i've already done that, harper. they say they can't spare the men. but rest assured, if something isn't done soon, i'll have to give up the stage line. and then this community will really suffer. -excuse me, gentlemen. oh, am i glad to see you. come on in. thank you, sheriff. it's good to see you again. -gentlemen. this is the man i was telling you about. uh, this is mr. conway, who operates our stage line. mr. conway. -how do you do? -mr. harper here is the owner of our leading store. -how do you do, sir? delighted to meet you and have you with us. you should be proud of your reputation. yes, indeed. the sheriff has been most extravagant in his praise. said that if anybody could lick this problem, you could. i hope to, with the sheriff's cooperation. we worked well together before. well, you've probably guessed why i sent for you. it's because of the raids on conway's stage and freight
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line. this, this whole thing is completely out of hand. it seems like a calculated plan to force me out of business. they not only rob my coaches, but they take them away and destroy them. -well, last week, they made off with a load of my merchandise. i can't depend on shipments anymore. -gentlemen, in sorrento city last week, i learned on good authority that the railroad will soon be extending to gunsight and connect up with the stage coach line. -well, that means this whole community is destined for a big boom. obviously, somebody has been tipped off that the transportation business is going to prosper. so they've been trying to put mr. conway out of business for their own purposes. -maybe that's it. well, i can't hold out much longer. they're stealing my horses and destroying my stages quicker than i can replace them. well, apparently these fellows operate from a secret hide-out. they get tips on the stage schedules, move in, do the job, and disappear. i'd give six months pay to find out where they go. well, sheriff, tonto and i will do all we can. suppose you tell me where you've been searching so we won't lose any time or effort. i can show you on the map. -i can't thank you enough for coming here to help us out.
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no thanks necessary, mr. conway. tonto and i want to see law and order restored to gunsight. -i'll leave you with the sheriff then. goodbye. -goodbye, gentlemen. good luck to you. good day. -uh, usually the outlaws wear masks, but on the last job, one of them posed as a passenger. cherokee smith works with a thug by the name of matt rusk. -yes, i know the pair. so far, they've managed to keep one jump ahead of me. -now, this is hickory creek. we figured it out that the secret hideout is located somewhere along this stream. mmhmm, i see. suppose we go at this way, sheriff. tonto and i separate, come from the west, and the east, meet right here. ♪
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curtains. -tonto. picked clean. hel rip seats andh trail of men and horses go to stream. me ride up stream but could find no place where them leave water. -i didn't see any signs downstream. maybe we pick up trail on other bank, kemosabe. we cross stream and look. -yes. they probably came out on rock where their prints don't show. -but where them go? the ground could not open up and swallow them. -don't be too sure of that, tonto. what you mean? -there are many abandoned mines in those foothills. any one of them would make an excellent hideout. suppose we do a little prospecting. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mine deserted like other, kemosabe. no new trails come here. no, tonto. we'll look around anyway. -ah. get back. no bandits are moving in here. go away, or i'll drill you. -hold it. we're on the side of the law. it happens we're looking for bandits. -hah. you think i was born yesterday. why are you wearing a mask if you're not up to mischief? get going! we mean no harm, mister crockett. we're searching the abandoned mines in this area. we're looking for the bandits who've been raiding the stage line. -well, this mine don't happen to be abandoned, 'cause i'm working it. and i'm telling you there's no bandits here, so get. -sorry we troubled you. never mind jawing. move along. i don't like strangers. especially ones that hide their faces. i'm a peaceful man, but i'll blast anybody tries to cut into my claim. i'm giving you fair warning, so don't let me catch you around here again. ♪
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♪ them doggone snoopin' spies. i'll bet they don't come back here in a hurry. -nice going, joe. who were they? never saw them before. an indian and a man wearing a mask and riding a big, white horse. must be working for the sheriff. -then we'd better move. -we stay put. they sure won't come in the front way no more. and they'll never find we have that back door through that cove near the river. that's right, matt. they'll cross this mine off the list now, and run themselves ragged rooting around one of the other ones. relax, i'll fix you something to eat. joe may be right, but i'll feel safer if you keep a lookout, matt. -alright. we can see the mine entrance from here, tonto. we'll keep an eye on it for awhile. me think it good idea, kemosabe. crockett act very strange. him bare teeth like animal guarding food. i have a notion he knows a lot more than he lets on. suppose you ride back to gunsight, find out if the mine is really active. stop by the assay office and see if he's left any ore deposits there lately.
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ah, me do that, kemosabe. -we'll meet here at camp later. ♪ ♪ alright, matt. come and get it. i saw a little smoke in them boulders up there. looks like somebody's fixing a meal. hey, it might be them fellas that was here before, still spying on us. -you'd better go take a look, joe. rosco and me can't take chance on being seen. when you leave the tunnel, you can crawl back over the hill. sneak up on them from behind. and if it is them, let them have it and don't miss it. -i'll take care of it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ drop gun. kemosabe. that'll do, crocket. thanks, tonto. why'd you try to kill me. -i warned ya. a man's got a right to protect his own property. -mine all worked out, kemosabe. him not take sample ore to assay office in years. -how come, crockett? the mine is no good anymore. why are you so anxious to keep people away from it? well, i could strike paydirt any time, and nobody's coming in. -i'm sorry, crockett. but i believe you're concerned about something inside that mine besides ore, and we're going to find out what it is. -what right have you got to hold a law-abiding man prisoner? what authority you got to trespass on private property. -if you have nothing to hide, you needn't be alarmed.
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call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! ♪ well, look around all you want. you're wasting your time, i tell you. we'll see. keep him covered, tonto. this is joe's worry. don't stick your neck. come on, we got things to do. ♪ ♪
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♪ no signs of anything up here. -what did i tell you? you satisfied? -let's look below. this all for you, crockett, or have you been entertaining company. -i eat hearty. do you mind? i wonder why him use two cups, kemosabe. -i don't know, tonto. maybe he needs one for each hand. keep an eye on him. look out! cane him! ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ me sorry, kemosabe. him make fool of me. -alright you snooping smart alecks, try and figure your way out of this one.
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now, here's what i came to tell you. they're trying to outsmart us by putting up the departure time of the south bound stage from gunsight. it's going to leave at 3 o'clock instead of 5, but i want you to stop it just the same. -sure, boss. the time don't make no difference to us. now, one thing more. the ranger warned conway that nobody's above suspicion. now, in order to forestall any question about myself, i'm going to ride that stage today, and you're going to rob me along with the other passengers. do you understand? sure, we got it. -leave it to us. -alright. i've got to go now. i haven't much time. i'm depending on you. finish off those two before you leave. you know that store of blasting powder you have left over from the good old days? -yeah. -it's going to come in handy now. you mean you want to blow up the mine? -why not? it's no good to you no more. can you think of a better way to get rid of them two, safely? well, it sounds good to me. -it's perfect. and best of all, they'll never know what happened to them. they'll be buried under tons of hard rock.
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this take long time, kemosabe. and the way those two escaped when we interrupted their meal. if we can find it, tonto, we'll get out of here a lot faster and easier. ♪ ♪ you alright, tonto? -not even scratch, kemosabe. seem like our friend come back. -well, you can't finish your work in the shaft now. there's going to be no way out but that secret tunnel. let's look around. this is the spot for it. it'll bring the whole she-bang down on top of them. -well, hurry it up. it's a long way to eagle pass. we've got about three quarters of an hour to meet the stage. who's there? matt rusk? cherokee smith, show yourselves.
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you've got about two minutes to live, lone ranger. we're going to blast you to kingdom come. do you hear that, masked man? you're supposed to be pretty slick. how are you going to dig out from under tons of rock while we're holding up the stage. ah, you've really walked into something this time, masked man. and it's gonna cost you your fool neck. what's the matter, lone ranger? got nothing to say? here it goes, lone ranger. adios. ♪ ♪ ♪
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tonto, over here. i've found it. ♪ well, boys, the lucky clover didn't turn out so lucky for the lone ranger. it's his tomb. let's go. ♪ ♪ them ride for eagle pass, kemosabe. -we'll try to head the stage off before it gets there. silver. scout! ♪
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hah, bunny. hah, muffin. hah. wait, ike. their guns are holstered. -whoa, muffin. -one of them is wearing a mask. the other one's an indian. that's the pair mr. conway was telling us about. don't mind the mask. we're with you. i just want to warn you there's trouble ahead. -it is him. i told you. what kind of trouble, mister? them bandits again? -we just changed the schedule today. the bandits must have learned about it. they'll be waiting at eagle pass. -what is it? are we being held up. -oh, mr. harper. i didn't know you were aboard. i'm sorry if we alarmed you ladies, but everything is alright. mr. harper will vouch for us. -oh, yes, yes. he's a good friend. i confess though, you did give us a start trooping down on the stage like this with that mask. is there some kind of trouble? -there could be. but my friend and i will try to prevent it. if you don't mind, we'll ride inside with you. let's go, tonto. alright, boys. take it away.
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alright, ike, let her roll. -hah! hey! they tried to kill you. we may be headin into an ambush. this is terrible. -what? my daughter and i will be murdered. i hardly think so, ma'am. of course, i could ask the drive to stop and let you out here on the road. let us off in the middle of nowhere to fall prey to wild animals? don't you dare! we've paid our fare. we're going to teshimingo. -very well then. do just exactly as i say, and nobody will get hurt. when the bandits try to surprise us, we'll have a little surprise for them too. i can count on you, mr. harper? -what? oh, yes, yes, of course. -good. if things work out as i hope, we'll not only capture the outlaws, but we may get the scoundrel they're working for and put him out of circulation too. -splendid. it's a shocking state of affairs. you know, if conway changed the departure time of the southbound stage, this morning, i wonder how the bandits found out so soon. the leak must be in some respected place that no one would ever suspect. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ let's go! steady, everyone. steady. -now you're playing it smart, boys. keep your hands up and don't make no trouble. everybody out! don't shoot! don't shoot! -i told you pole cats we'd catch up with you. i'll take care of him, tonto. help the boys arresting crockett. keep him covered, mr. harper. hurry, mr. harper. gully pass. -tonto, go get him. blast my buttons! so harper's the brains of the outfit.
10:26 pm
trying to outrun that indian don't look like brains to me. ♪ don't shoot. don't shoot. i give up. can't you see i'm hurt. ♪ come on. get over there. it's your turn. good work, mister. reckon the stage will travel in peace now, thanks to you. -and thanks to you for evening the odds. i'm going to tell mr. conway how much you helped us. -aw, shucks. wasn't nothing. i mean, will you? -hey, jeff. look at yonder. well, blast my buttons if that ain't service. well, you'd better get used to it. looks like this place is going to be your home for a long time to come. the merchandise recovered from harper's warehouse accounts for most of the stolen goods.
10:27 pm
a lot of my passengers are going to be happy when they hear about the money and valuables we found in his safe deposit box. -i can't thank you enough. not only for myself, but the whole community. in my case, words aren't quite adequate. -forget it, sir. tonto and i are glad it turned out this way. bye, mr. conway. -goodbye. we have unfinished business in sorrento city. -i think we'd better be going now. well, in that case, i won't be keeping you. goodbye, and good luck. if you need us, just let us know. adios. -adios. ♪ ♪ heigh-o, silver! away! ♪
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♪the roy rogers show starring roy rogers king of the cowboy trigger his goldne palimino and dale evans queen of the west with pat brady his comical sidekick and roy's wonder dog bullet ♪ make it good matt. there might be a fortune riding on that bullet. ♪ can't get far. let's get down and get him.
10:30 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's a pretty bad gun shot wound. what's your name old timer? joe jones. two men bushwacked me search me for my maps
10:31 pm
for bredford mine. that's old and deserted mine in paradise golch. no rich or diggiing tool. handle my wife coming on stage. tell her maps hid lower in the shaft. lower her into what shaft? ♪ he's gone, roy. yeah poor fella, i wonder what shaft he meant. one of the tunnels in the old bedford mine i imagine, but that old mine is honeycombed with tunnels. they tell me it was worked out fifteen years ago yeah. but if this old timer has found a new vane. well we better get this news back to the sheriff. meet that stage. sure gonna be hard to tell that poor women she's a widow. i sure hope old eddie dunn's got what we want.
10:32 pm
listen we'll soon find out. here comes the stage. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ put them up and keep them up. keep them covered. you sue denton? yes that's my name. give me your purse. ♪ ♪ give me the rest of your baggage. hurry up!
10:33 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we've been held up! and there goes the outlaws. what'd they take? nothing they just looked through my things. are you mrs. denton? yes. dale stay with here pat and i will go after them. right. come on! ♪ hide the horses.
10:34 pm
♪ ♪ hey roy, isn't that the old bedford mine up there? yeah that will be a good place to hide. let's take a look. ♪ ♪ been abandoned for fifty years. maybe so but the mine belongs to the bedford family and i'm bill bedford. well your stage coach was held up down here on the road. you two fellas didn't happen to be around there at the time, did you? no matt and i have been working the mine. haven't been anywhere but right here. seems kinda funny working a mine that's been abandoned for fifteen years. that's my business. prove it. i don't have to. the sheriff's office has got a copy of my deed to the property. if you don't believe me ask him. i think we will. ♪
10:35 pm
you know i got a hunch we are gonna have trouble with him. they're the noisy type. don't worry about it matt. i stopped them cold when i filed that fake claim. well here's the deed. it's right as rain looks like the bedford mine was originally a spanish land grant. the property belonged to elanzo bedford and this bill bedford his grandson. then joe denton's claim is no good. i'm afraid not roy. well that's a shame. it means mrs. denton won't get a thing, even if we find a map. unless we can prove this bill bedford's a phony. roy i can smell a faker a mile off. ain't been took by one yet. and this bill bedford is a phony as a sugar barrel full of little fish hooks. that might be kind of hard to prove pat. i'm sorry mrs. denton but one thing we will do is find your husband's murderer. pat we have got some searching to do ourselves. come on. i'll look after mrs. denton
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10:38 pm
roy. alright dale. @hmisoner of d.c message- please check ownership status of one bill bedford on bedford mine paradise valley claims to be heir to spanish land grant wire answer roy rogers mineral city i'll take care of it right away.
10:39 pm
that will be a dollar and a quarter. okay here. ♪ what were those two rattlers doing in here, sheriff? roy, bill bedford just got out a restraining against you. against me? why me? oh you know why. you're gunning for those men. oh i can't say is how i blame you but right now they got the law on their side. sheriff i'm sure they're phonies. and if they find that map and locate the gold. they'll leave mrs. denton the widow they made her without a penny. how do you know they made mrs. denton a widow, and how do you know they're
10:40 pm
phonies? i don't know for sure yet, but i'm gonna find out. now wait a minute roy, don't do anything hasty. remember this time the law ain't on your side, and if i find you on the bedford property, i'll have to put you under arrest. maginificent cooking! maginificent, and now my boy because you were kind enough to invite me to partake of this scrumcious feast, i'm gonna do you a favor. my friend, here is a piece of paper that will make you a very rich man, a millionaire. what is it? it's a map, a map that will unfold the treasures of gal conda of eldardo. you follow the instructions and the directions on this map and you will find gold golare. you don't say. that's right. and because you're my friend. well if it ain't pat brady by golly i ain't seen you in a turtle's age. hi ya pete. well as i was saying. oh colonel not now later. well what do you got to say for yourself, patrick? oh not much. just the same. well i'll i
10:41 pm
see ya later. how about having a nice piece of pie with me pat. pie? hey what happened to your friend? he left without paying for the food. he did? yeah. oh well nevermind i'll pay for it. just put it on my tab. okay pat but i don't like to see you get stuck that way. that colonel looked like a faker to me. dale i told you once and i'm telling you again. i can smell a faker a mile off and there ain't nobody putting over anything on me. hi roy. hi dale. what's the matter with you? yeah you looked like you tied into a bear that still had it in for daniel boone. oh them two buzzards over at the bedford mine got a restraining order against me. how's mrs. denton? well she's resting now. i sure hope things get straigtened out for her. they will if i've got anything to do with it. restraing order or no restraing order. come on, pat. shew say maybe next time pete. ♪
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10:44 pm
hey pat you better take nelliebelle. oh i can't she just b@@@ @ it doesn't seem to be anyone around. no, it's quieter than an hibernating catipilar. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh i guess
10:45 pm
they're off somewhere. yeah probably getting another restraing order. they might be back any minute though, so let's split up and look for that lower end of the shaft denton told us about. it's bound to be around here someplace. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey pat! look what bullet found. well dag gum. this thing looks old enough to belong to one of them dinosaurs. hey that sounds like it's coming from the mine. now listen bullet, we ain't got no time to play with you. we'll do some more digging maybe he'll find what were looking for. somebody's coming. let's hide back here in the cave and watch this entrance
10:46 pm
that dog warned them. you better go around the back way. ♪ stay back, bullet. ♪
10:47 pm
oh wow roy! you hit him so hard you jarred his kin folks. where's the other one? he high taled it out of here. say this rifle could of killed joe denton. yeah a high powered rifle like that could of made the wound but do you suppose we could convince the sheriff? we can convince him better if we could find that map. oh oh i'm so sorry was this what you were looking for? bullet, guard him. might as well be comfortable while we're looking, huh?
10:48 pm
you know if there's a hidden shaft in this here mine, it must be the size of a gopher hole. we haven't covered half this place yet. i'm so dagum tired and hungry, i could eat a porcupine and pick my teeth with the quills. oh. uh oh, roy, we got company. it's the sheriff. looks like our investigation is going to be slowed up. alright roy and pat. hi sheriff well disreguarding the restraing order and trespassing on private property i'll have to put you both under arrest. what are you doing with matt out there? bullet's guarding him. you going to arrest him too? get to your horses. let's get back to town. here we go roy. who's gal bound? come into town when they go before the judge.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
no jail big enough to hold patrick alowishus brady for long. well i warned them. dale did you get answer to my telegram? well no not yet
10:51 pm
roy. well surely this can't be serious enough for you to keep these boys in jail. well i'll tell you what i'll do dale. you sign the bail bond and i'll parole them to your custody. that's a deal. and remember they're your responsibility. and you better see that they don't violate that restraing order again. okay. now listen. you boys heard what the man said. i'll tell you what i'll do, son. mine. a hundred dollars. boy that's a little steep. well make it fifty dollars, well i don't know whether i've got that much or not. well i reckon i do owe you a little favor. let's say twenty five dollars. i think that's just about what i got. well thank you son, and now my boy some day when your lolly gone at the beach at the riviera, smoking five dollar cigars with a beautiful girl on each arm, just sometime think of colonel jasper rutherford. i bid you good day sir.
10:52 pm
you ready to go pat? oh yeah yes as soon as i get out of these work clothes. hey wait a minute. you heard what the sheriff said. don't you boys let him ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now get him!
10:53 pm
bullet, go to dale! you've been asking for it, now you're gonna get it. tomorrow i'm going in town to get the sheriff. why bother? they were trespassing, weren't they? breaking the law, weren't they? we can shoot them and tell the sheriff it was self defense. that would look bad with four of us here. throw him in the mine office and lock him up. ♪ we gotta figure hurry
10:54 pm
bullet! go find roy. hey. that sounded like bullet. ♪ roy, you in there? yeah me and pat. get us out of here dale. how? well look around and see if you can find an iron bar of some k ain't that bacon done yet? keep your shirt on it's about ready. ♪ ♪ thanks dale, now stand by, we'll need your gun. ♪ what was that? stay where you ♪re! nice going, dale. p dale i'll get himd
10:55 pm
ware. right. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ha here comes the sheriff,ate as usual. ♪ alright matt, you can't get away that easy, let's go. that's twice he's violated the restraing order and i'm plenty mad. i told you he was at it again, sheriff. get over there with the rest of your gang. ♪ roy, i went by the telegraphed office for ya. here's your
10:56 pm
message. thanks dale. no spanish land grant ever granted to bedford family. mine is in public domain. what do you think of that, sheriff? that means that the claim joe denton staked out is good, and i've got the map to prove it. you'll never take me. good shot pat. sheriff, if you'll check the bullet hole in bill bedford's arm you'll find that it looks suspeciously like the one that was in denton. they both came from the same rifle. get your deputies to help us, and let's put these men where they belong. there you are roy. dale, i got me a map too. millions and millions of dollars. that's a real funny looking map and it's stuck together. that river looks like some kind of a tree. it's printed in spanish. dale you read spanish. how about translating this for pat. okay a life giving herb discovered by
10:57 pm
juan hernandez in 1812. a sure cure for rumintism acne saddle sores haha and anything else that ails you. patrick you have just purchased yourself a label from a pat medicine bottle. well i'll be fried in snake oil if i ain't been horn swaggled by a faker! i paid for all of his meals plus twenty five dish washing dollars. where is that southern pride, mint julip with blisters. if i get him, i'll stomp wow we had some close moments there, didn't we? watch for us in the next roy rogers show. ♪to you until we meet ♪again happy trails ♪to you keep smiling ♪until then happy ♪trails to you till we meet
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
it's a happy time for us, dear marlena. just think this will be the first time the twins are together to celebrate their birthday with all our family adora's friends even came from far off etheria. and they're all helping to decorate! oh, perfuma, thank you! they're beautiful! a little higher, flutterina! how's this?


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